Contract Services

    When a buyer and seller have already found each other, but need to have the contract, addendums, disclosures, etc. handled by a licensed professional, we can take care of the paperwork, coordinate inspections, and keep all parties apprised of CA law regarding compliance etc. Instead of working as solely a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent, we play a neutral role to give both parties options and ramifications of each paragraph of the contract. Often a professional neutral party to coordinate negotiations and procedures makes the process cleaner and more stable. A valuable hedge to minimize your risk of future problems.
    In addition to full management services, we can offer our property owners who are comfortable with managing their own rental property, contract services, or, leasing services, which is a one-time service of securing an acceptable tenant on your behalf. We handle the advertising, inquiry calls, personal showings, in-depth application underwriting, and access to our comprehensive verification tools and experience. We handle all the paperwork, addendums specific to your home, disclosures required by law, and we can verify the home meets with compliance laws of California. We then conduct a thorough walk-through inspection, and bundle the package up to the owner who will then manage on a month by month basis.

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